Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I'm excited to be going to the opening artist party (October 9th), press event (October 10th), and general opening on October 12th.

My portion (check the diagram below) of the exhibit is much larger than than it was in Washington and more cohesive than in Cincinnati. And, the portraits are beautifully displayed in a more standard museum format. Check out the photo below the curator sent me after getting the exhibit set up. It also includes a few images from the book that were not shown in either Washington or Cincinnati.

As before, I'll be attending all the events dressed in my Utilikilt but with a coat and tie for the artist party.

Setup for the Oakland Exhibition

Pretty cool to get a whole section devoted to the portraits and be next to The Man.


The Cincinnati Art Museum hosted "No Spectators" from April to August 2019 and I went to participate in the opening. It was fabulous. In addition to a gala party for the Museum's members, there was a terrific opening for the general public. This was a marvelous opportunity for my portraits to reveal the diverse people that make up the Burner community.

As you can see from the photos below, they displayed my portraits very differently and much larger than the Renwick exhibition. The curator mounted one set of images nearly twenty feet high in directly to a hallway wall leading from a central foyer to other parts of the exhibit. The other was a twenty foot horizontal display in a different section of the museum.

Additionally, there was a very nice display of BURNERS in the museum's gift shop.

So....all in all, I had a wonderful time talking with people from the heartland who did not know about Burning Man as well as many Burners.

Entrance to Museum

Hallway Exhibit


Second Exhibit Space


Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I was privileged to be the only photographer to have multiple images in the show. In addition to the quality of the images from BURNERS, the main reason I was selected from the hundreds of photographs submitted was that my work focused on showing the diversity of people participating in the event rather than the spectacle of the event. Probably the small section devoted to the portraits was because I submitted my book to the curator only a few weeks before the exhibit opened and there wasn't much space left. Later exhibitions showed the images much more prominently.

The exhibition was a huge success with thousands of people attending over a ten month period from April 2018 to January 2019.

26 portraits from BURNERS on display

Renwick Museum visitors getting a close-up look at portraits.

Talking with visitors about the images.



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